Audio Ministry and Music

Mosinee assembly hymn sing on August 5, 2018.


Recent ministry by Bill Prost at the Aberdeen Bible Conference on the scriptural balance between the need for submission to God-ordained authority and the responsibility of those in authority to accommodate themselves to those they lead, so as to provide an atmosphere that brings “life from the dead” in a moral sense (II Kings 4:29-36), particularly as applied to shepherds in the assembly of God. (7/1/2018)


Comments on working out the practical salvation of the assembly collectively, from a Bible reading meeting on Philippians 2:12-15 at the Vestal, NY, Bible Conference, in May 2018.


Helpful ministry by Bill Brockmeier on honoring and serving the Lord in the workplace, given at the 2018 Kirkland, Washington, Bible Conference.


Bill Prost on II Timothy 4 – Exhortations for the last days (May 9, 2018, Mosinee, WI)


Bill Prost on Joseph’s four garments (hymn sing talk, May 10, 2018, Mosinee, WI)



Mosinee Assembly hymn sing recordings:

“On His Father’s Throne Is Seated”  (May 9, 2015)

“Shine Forth, Oh Lord” (May 10, 2018)

“Thou Art Coming, Mighty Savior” (May 10, 2018)

Lyrics and music score at this link:

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