Inviting Guest Contributors

Recently, a brother contacted me to ask if I would be open to a guest piece on a particular subject. I told him that I was happy to entertain that suggestion, and looked forward to what he might contribute. While that didn’t materialize, it started me thinking that there may be others whom the Lord is prompting to share what is on their heart by means of the written word.

If that is something you have an interest in, and you believe the Lord is guiding you in the matter, I would invite you to contact me either by means of the comment section below, or by using my contact information on the About page of this website by clicking here. Feel free to inquire as to the merit of a particular subject prior to writing, or then simply submit for review an article already prepared for publishing.

Contributions should contain 500 – 1500 words and may or not reference current events, but must in any case be based firmly on the word of God, referencing the scriptures with appropriate frequency. Editorial decisions will be made by myself in conference with the contributor, while seeking to be guided by the word of God and prayer.

To God be the glory,

John Kulp

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